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4D ultrasound is available to make the first movie of your baby on USB-stick. Amniotic fluid punction and pre-implantation are possibilities to prevent genetic diseases in the unborn.
Pregnancy checkups. During pregnancy different tests will be done. Blood pressure measurements, blood and or urine tests and ultrasound investigations. Most private health insurance companies will cover up to 11 consultations in pregnancy.
Screening. Different test at different moments in pregnancy are available to asses the risk of inborn errors of your baby. To decide with test one wants to perform it is important to consider the a priori chance (up ahead) and to think about possible consequences if a test gives one a elevated risk
Ultrasound is a safe investigation during pregnancy. Most private health insurances will pay for a regular ultrasound between 11-12weeks and 32-36 weeks. Unfortunately not all inborn errors are to be found with ultrasound. A structural ultrasound between 18 and 20 weeks is recommended to screen for the most predominant malformations.

Delivery plan. To address the expectations on the delivery a delivery plan will be discusses at 36 weeks of gestation.

4D ultrasound is available to make the first movie of your baby on USB-stick.

Location. Our clinic works together with different hospitals for deliveries, each with their own vision: San Carlos clinic, Denia and Hospital Acuario, Beniarbeig. For us the most important thing is where you have the most confidence.

For more information we would like to refer to The Royal College of Obstetrics an Gynaecology: