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Family Planning

   Mirena® actúa a través de 3 acciones

If you are looking for temporary or permanent contraception, our team is up-to-date on (non-) hormonal solutions. The latest is the closure of the tubes using a vaginal camera.
As the word already says, contraception is for preventing (contra-) to conceive (ception).
Contraception can be classified in different ways
temporary versus permanent
Hormonal versus non Hormonal
Preventing infection versus non-protective from infection.
Temporary Contraception (5 years)
Hormonal versus non hormonal. For example: a gold coil or a Mirena coil.


Protective towards infections or non protective: Condoms versus all other sorts of types of contraception.
There are a lot of different ways to take contraception. (Oral, injectable, intra uterine coil, vaginal ring).
Also a pill may have additional effect like ciproteronacetate and drosperinon on acne.

If contraception failed our team is able to help.

The choice of contraception is different for every individual. Our team would like to help you in your choice.


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